After fifty-five years of performing on stage and recording, you can now access through this site some recordings of my work. These include both international and Israeli pieces.

I had the privilege of working with the forebears of modern Israeli music, composers of the first generation that attended my concerts of their works. Among them were Paul Ben-Haim, Yizhak Edel, Emanuel Amiran, Franz Crzellitzer and Verdina Shlonsky.

Yehezkel Braun, Tzvi Avni, Sarah Feigin, Yardena Alotin, Emanuel Vahl and Lotti Amit-Kalev, Israeli composers of the second and third generations, are my colleagues and my friends.

I performed many compositions from manuscripts, some of which were never published, thus, the recordings on this site are the only ones existing.

My work in the wide field of Israeli music has been a great challenge: it’s a labor of love and a venerable, if not sacred, mission.

I was privileged to perform many compositions which were dedicated to me.
The international music in this site includes classic, romantic and contemporary works from Haydn to Prokofiev.

All the video clips included are presented by the courtesy of “Michel Productions”, whom I thank deeply.

I wish you pleasant listening.